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Red Wine spills on Carpet
Use a white cloth or white paper toweling to mop up the excess and dab. Do not wipe or use chemicals. Cover the stain completely with salt or Talc leave overnight and vacuum next day. If stain persists, contact Crystal Clean Services .

White Wine spill on Carpet
Use a soda water, this works well if done quickly after the spill. If stain persists, contact Crystal Clean Services.

Black Coffee stains on any fabric
Sponge with soda water - this should remove the stain.

White Coffee stains on any fabric
ponge with warm water and borax - if this stain is old pour hot water on the borax this should remove the stain

We utilize a truck-mounted carpet cleaning system whereby - it cleans deep, removes ground in soil and it does not leave a soapy, sticky residue. We bring our own treated water and take away the dirty water with a hose, the hose is all that needs to go into your premises. Carpets stay clean and last longer.

We use a similar system for upholstery cleaning.

Leather Upholstery

Vacuum the leather gently, and then wipe down with a soft cloth.
Clean the backs of chairs and couches and down beside the arms.
Every 6 months or so wash the leather using lukewarm water and laundry soap
Dry the leather and dress it with hide food recommended by the manufacturer.

Urine on carpet
Sponge immediately with cold water, then mop with equal parts of white vinegar and cold water. Rinse, then blot dry.
If stain persists contact Crystal Clean Services.

What can I clean with vinegar?

Bathrooms, Burnt Pans, Chrome Pots
Fish, Crockery and cutlery.
Limescale on a Kettle
Limescale in a sink
Limescale in a toilet bowl

What can I clean with glycerine?

Food stains
Grass Stains
Mud Stains
Old Wine Stains
Many unidentified stains

What can I clean with Lemon Juice?

Chopping Boards
Rust Stains
Tarnished brass and Copper

Timber Floors

Sweep regularly, do not over wet the floor when cleaning as excess water can get under the Timber and cause your Timber to lift.

Crystal Clean Services clean a wide range of floor coverings and have the most advanced cleaning equipment available. Together with highly trained and experienced staff ensures that your floors look the best.

A good Vacuum Cleaner will make cleaning tasks much easier.

When buying a vacuum cleaner:
(1) Look for one that is comfortable to use
(2) Consider the kinds of surfaces you will be cleaning.

A small light vacuum cleaner perhaps battery operated or a back-pack vacuum cleaner maybe a convenient addition for quick clean up jobs.


If the surface you are about to paint has already been painted, take the time to wash it down with sugar soap.Crystal Clean Services can provide this service should you request it.

If painting outside of buildings, it is advisable to wash the walls prior to decorating.Crystal Clean Services can provide this service ie: power washing.

Use Masking Tape to save clean up time when painting windows (this can be bought at any DIY Store)


Clean phone with a damp cloth, dry with soft cloth!

Information technology is an expensive but essential requirement for all businesses.

Telephones etc like any other working tool become soiled by exposure to the working environment and interaction with people.




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