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Why Crystal Clean? Read the Benefits

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Crystal Clean Services would like to inform customers, that we now offer "the reach and wash window cleaning system".

'The reach and wash system' provides a safe and reliable method of window cleaning with advanced pure water technology' no ladders are necessary when cleaning high windows and purified water is applied.

  • Environmentally friendly 100% pure de-ionized water effectively absorbs dirt to clean windows, frames, cladding & Signs without the need for cleaning chemicals or detergents.

  • No Detergent residue means that windows do not get dirty so quickly - windows stay cleaner …longer!

  • Reach & Wash poles extent to 50 ft for total operator safety.

  • Reaches previously inaccessible windows in complete safety.

  • Eliminates the need for heavy access equipment.

  • Easily reaches windows above sensitive ground areas such as lawns & flower beds without causing damage.

  • Reduced disturbance to building occupants.

  • Many state sponsored organizations have used this service, and are very impressed with the results.

  • This is an extremely safe method of window cleaning.



This method is endorsed by the British Safety Industry Federation, the International Window Cleaners Association and the Federation of Master window cleaners.


Crystal Clean Services prides itself in offering up to date and safe methods of cleaning.We will regularly inform you of our latest developments on this site.




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