Crystal Clean Services supplies cleaning services, cleaning products and support services to both commercial and domestic clients.

We provide a comprehensive range of services – decontamination services/fogging, window cleaning, carpet, upholstery cleaning, computer cleaning, office cleaning, window cleaning, house cleaning etc. We also supply cleaning toiletries and cleaning products.

Crystal Clean Services prides it self in providing an up to date, safe method of cleaning. I have attended workshops, training courses to ensure that the staff are fully aware of the best methods/machines available.

We can schedule our services to adapt to customer needs - hourly, daily, weekly, occasional clean etc - leaving our clients to go about other important tasks. Our client base varies greatly e.g. private houses, offices, factories, churches, heritage centres, holiday homes, restaurants, schools, nursing homes etc. Through regular contact with our clients, we understand in detail - our customer needs better and the particular challenges in their business. We will adapt our services to their particular needs. Crystal Clean Services supply a superior quality service paying attention to detail and we pledge our every effort to providing the equipment, materials and knowledge for the highest quality cleaning service.


Frequently Asked Questions

A. Crystal Clean Services was established in 1986 and is a reputable Galway based company. We provide highly trained staff that utilizes the most up to date equipment paying attention to detail and are trained in the best methods of cleaning.


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